British 100/150 Grade Fuel Production

From POWE 33/1363, Report of actual production 100/130 and 100/150 gasolines and components. 1 bbl (barrel) = 35 imp gallons, 1 ton = 2240lbs

1944      150 grade150 grade as a %      130 grade
February24908 tons221400 bbls61.5%15570 tons138400 bbls
March35483 tons315400 bbls69.6%15491 tons137700 bbls
April4928 tons43800 bbls7.4%52988 tons471000 bbls
May8033 tons71400 bbls17.3% 38329 tons34700 bbls
June24446 tons217300 bbls64.8%13286 tons118100 bbls
July38790 tons344800 bbls71.7%15300 tons136000 bbls
August31376 tons278900 bbls66.1%16110 tons143200 bbls
September35640 tons316800 bbls66.6%17910 tons159200 bbls
October24154 tons214700 bbls50.4%23749 tons211100 bbls
November19384 tons172300 bbls54.8%15964 tons141900 bbls
December33165 tons294800 bbls61.5%20801 tons184900 bbls
January31984 tons284300 bbls77.1%9484 tons84300 bbls
February33525 tons298000 bbls70.1%14310 tons127200 bbls
March23569 tons209500 bbls48.9%24671 tons219300 bbls
April   50141 tons445700 bbls
May   56914 tons505900 bbls

Total 150 production, February 44 to March 45:-    369,385 tons, 3,283,400 bbls, 114,919,000 gallons.

Total 130 production, February 44 to March 45:-    293,963 tons

Total aero fuel production:-    663,348 tons of which 55.7% was 150 grade.