From: Air Commodore F.N.Trinder

 AEAF Staff,
 No.1 A.P.D.C
 London, W1
 5th August 1944

        Thank you for your letter D.D.E.10/M.24 of the 28th July 1944. I have taken note of the various points, which you enumerate, and can assure you that they will be carefully weighed before any decision is taken. I can deal with certain matters, which you raise with authority; others are not strictly within the scope of this Headquarters, and my comments are, therefore, purely in the nature of suggestions for your consideration.

        I will deal with your various sub-headings in the order in which they appear in your letter.


        The question of supply is, strictly speaking, a matter for Air Ministry solution. However, I believe the following comments are pertinent:-

        To begin with, I think in the absence of overriding circumstances, envisage one quality distribution, and on the basis of Second T.A.F.,s latest estimate, plus the requirements of 85 Group, I agree, this ultimately represents an off take of 20,000 tons per month of 150 Grade Aviation Fuel. However, this quantity will only be required when the whole of the force has been phased onto the CONTINENT. In the meantime, the position will be, approximately as follows:-

Present force  7,000 tons per month
Present force plus 2 Group12,000 tons per month
83, 84, 2 Group & 34 Wing16,000 tons per month
83, 84, 85, 2 Group & 34 Wing20,000 tons per month.

        With regard to the Ninth U.S.A.A.F., I feel that, as the credit for evolving 150 Grade Aviation Fuel rests with M.A.P and the R.A.F., and as the Eighth U.S.A.A.F are already taking three-quarters of the current BRITISH production, it is at least reasonable for Second T.A.F. to have priority over the Ninth U.S.A.A.F. for the balance of BRITISH production. I understand that the U.S.A. can produce a million barrels a month of 150 Grade Aviation Fuel without any loss of current 130 Grade Aviation Fuel production. Surely this would start to become available in this country, say, ten/twelve weeks from the date when first requisitioned? In the meantime, with an assured off take by the Eighth U.S.A.A.F., is there any reason why 150 Grade Aviation Fuel stocks should not be built up ex production? Two months production at 10,000 tons per month would be available to meet the difference.