de Havilland Hornet Performance

Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment
Boscombe Down

15 December 1950

Hornet F. Mk.3 PX.386
(1 Merlin 130: 1 Merlin 131)

Position error correction: climb and level speed performance


            The performance of Hornet F. Mk.3 PX.386, without external stores, under I.C.A.N. standard conditions, is as follows:-
Climb at take-off weight of 17,805 lb.
Maximum rate of climb2640 ft./min. from sea level to full
throttle height, M.S. gear at 10,000'.
Service ceiling (rate of climb 100 ft./min.)33,000 feet.
Level speeds at 17,080 lb. (95% of 17,980 lb. maximum normal operational take-off weight)
Maximum true air speed at combat power
Maximum true air speed at maximum cruise power
392 knots
369 knots
Climb Performance
Combat Level Speed Performance

Full report: Hornet F. Mk.3 PX.386, Position error correction: climb and level speed performance


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