Flight Report Fw 190/619
Nr. 2
Werk Flughafen 



Engine BMW D 2/85259
Wide engine cowling
Fixed inner wheel doors, left wheel door reinforced in accordance with BSK 72314
Armament: 2 MG 17, MG 2 151, with ammunition. MG FF belt hatches.
Oil cooler P 127611 with bridge mounting for the armored ring.
Exhaust nozzle holder in accordance with BSK 858
Reinforced steel cowl, top and left side shell.
Jet nozzles 13 and 14 with bracket according to HSK 1118.
Jet nozzle 8 with clamp according to BSK 842
Reinforced landing gear wheels.
Landing gear release with pot magnet.
Landing gear bushings Silumin.

1.) Level speeds with combat and economical power for various operational conditions with additional loads.
2.) Climb rate with combat power without load or with 500 kg bomb.
3.) Endurance testing.

1.) Speeds obtained in level flight with the named operational conditions at 0 m are shown in the table and at higher altitudes in the graph.
2.) See graph.
Ceiling without loads;
Full flight weight: G = 8,554 lbs. (3880 kg.) HG = 35,761 feet (10900 m)
With 1,102 lb. (500 kg.) bomb: G = 9,656 lbs. (4380 kg.) HG = 31,496 feet   (9600 m)
3.) An interim check of the oil cooler with bridge mounting for the armored ring showed no faults after 6 ½ hours flight. The fixed inner wheel doors in accordance with BSK 72314 remain closed also in a dive after they had been reinforced by an additional welded pipe and are therefore all right.

The absolute speed for Werk Nr. 619 is too low. Since nothing related to the engine could not be found, a ram pressure calibration is needed for clarification. The ram pressure calibration, however, is only of secondary interest here, since the issue is speed differences.

Wenzendorf, 11 January 1943

Climb rate with combat power
Level speed with combat power or economical power


Flugbericht Fw 190/619 Nr. 2 (pdf)

Translation by Jörn Dietrich and Mike Williams

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