Flight Report Fw 190/619
Nr. 6
Werk Flughafen 
Date: Take-off: Landing: Duration: Pilot:
27.2.43 80 826 856 30' Märschel

Engine BMW D 2/303848
Operational condition as fighter bomber or long range fighter bomber with ETC 501 rack for bombs or auxiliary tank on the wing rack and permanently fitted ETC 501 under the fuselage.
Other condition see Flight Report No. 4.

1.) Check of the speed loss due to installation of ETC 501 rack on each wing with or without auxiliary tank.

1.) At ground level with combat power, the speed loss under consideration of the ram pressure calibration shown in Flight Report No 5, amounts to Δ V = 26 km/h with racks alone, this is 4 km/h more than was obtained under same conditions with the installation of the Fw-racks.
The further reduction of the speeds of Δ V = 28 km/h by two auxiliary fuel tanks is somewhat lower compared with Δ V = 36 km/h using the Fw-racks (Report No. 5).

Wenzendorf, 1 March 1943

Speed performance with combat power


Flugbericht Fw 190/619 Nr. 6 (pdf)

Translation by Jörn Dietrich and Mike Williams

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