Flight Report Fw 190/665
Nr. 5
Bad Eilsan 

Date: Flug. Nr.: Take-off: Landing: Duration: Pilot:
18.5.1943 87 1608 1621 0h13' Bartsch
19.5.1943 88 1758 1815 0h17' Mehhorn
20.5.1943 89   850   929 0h39' Bartsch
20.5.1943 90 1107 1202 0h55' Stephan
20.5.1943 91 1434 1514 0h40' Motsch
20.5.1943 92 1744 1814 0h30' Stephan
21.5.1943 93 1043 1125 0h42' Kampmeier
26.5.1943 94 1900 1922 0h22' Märschel

Engine BMW 801 D 2/25453.
Tight engine cowl.
Split flaps with reinforced actuator.
Armament: 2 MG 17, MG 2 151.
MG FF - hatches.
Armored ring mounting bracket as per BSK 190.6.941.
Rudder bellcrank as per KBV 25326.
(20° - rudder deflection).


1. Assessment of the rudder forces with the bell crank installed for 20° rudder deflection instead of the 1:1.8 differential.
2. Check of flight characteristics with direct mounting of 250 kg bombs under each wing.
3. Endurance testing of the armored ring mounting bracket.


1. The flight results with the rudder bell crank for 20° rudder deflection are good in contrast to the lever for 25° rudder angle. Regarding forces, no substantial difference relative to the differential can be noticed, so that as a start, replacements can be carried out on the A-tail without further notice. However, steep slipping must be dispensed with, since rudder deflection is insufficient for this.
The possible use of the bell crank for the D - tail is still under consideration.
2. To test the flight characteristics with direct mounting of the 250 kg bombs under the wings, wood bombs were used. These were bolted to the wing and could not be jettisoned, so that the landings could only be performed with the landing flaps in the take-off position. Already shortly after take-off, disturbance was evident in the control stick upwards from around Va = 250 km/h, caused by buffeting of the ailerons. Increasing speed increased disturbance. Thus, operation of the machine in this condition is not possible. Whether an improvement could be achieved by lowering the bombs without fairing, still needs to be investigated, if required.
3. Flight time to date with the armored ring mounting as per BSK 941 is 18 hours. No faults were noted.

Langenhagen, 28.5.1943


Flugbericht Fw 190/665 Nr. 5 (pdf)

Translation by Jörn Dietrich and Mike Williams

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