Flight Report Fw 190/669 (Fighter Bomber)
Nr. 2
Werk Flughafen 

Date: Flight Nr.: Take-off: Landing: Duration Pilot:
29.10. 13 1222 1313 51' Melhorn
30.10. 14 1551 1624 33' Bartsch

Engine BMW 801 D II/25513 unthrottled
Tight engine cowl.
Armament: 2 MG 17, two MG 151 without ammunition.
ETC 501 with intermediate rack.
Auxiliary tank racks under the wings, streamlined fairing.
Take-off weight with auxiliary tanks full G = 9,392 lbs (4260 kg.) s = 0.705 m
Take-off weight with auxiliary tanks empty G = 8,378 lbs. (3800 kg.) s = 0.715 m

Program: 1.) Check of the flight characteristics about the longitudinal axis with auxiliary tanks.
2.) Level speeds.

Results: 1.) The buffeting of the ailerons during flight with auxiliary tanks, described in Flight Report No. 1, could be eliminated by fairing the wing racks. In this respect, flying up to a va = 391 mph (630 km/h) showed no faults, and should not be expected even at higher speeds.
2.) The tank rack fairing has brought a gain regarding speed. The following values were obtained at Sea Level (0 m), with combat power:

a) With empty auxiliary tanks and un-faired racks: vw = 255 mph (410 km/h)
b) With full auxiliary tanks and faired racks: vw = 281 mph (452 km/h)
c) With empty auxiliary tanks and faired racks: vw = 298 mph (480 km/h)

The measurement listed under b) is a erroneous measurement. A reexamination showed an engine malfunction as the reason.

Wenzendorf, 18 November 1942


Flugbericht Fw 190/669 Nr. 2 (pdf)

Translation by Jörn Dietrich and Mike Williams

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