Flight Report Fw 190/783
Nr. 2
Werk Flughafen 

Date: Nr.: Take-off: Landing: Duration: Pilot:
27.2.1943 51 1418 1503 45' Märschel
  3.3.1943 52 1444 1447 03' Kampmeier



Engine BMW 801 D2/20208
Close engine cowl.
Split cowl flaps with opening angle indicator.
Armament: 2 MG 17, 2 MG 151, with ammunition.
Take-off weight: 8,532 pounds (G = 3870 kg)
MG FF - belt hatches.
Normal intake with internal intake air supply.


1. Level speeds with combat power and closed split flaps.
2. Full throttle height in climb.
3. Pressure in front of (px) and pressure drop in (Δ px) the radial cylinder block in climb with open split flaps.


1. The aircraft is 6 - 9 mph (10 - 14 km/h) faster below full throttle height with the internal air intakes compared to the long exterior intake scoops (see Graph). At the full throttle height of 19,685 feet (6,000 meters), a level speed of Vwc = 401 mph (645 km/h) is reached. By using the long exterior intakes, however, the full throttle height rises to 22,802 feet (6950 meters) with Vwc = 405 mph (652 km/h) (Flight Report No. 1). Above the full power height, the machine with the exterior intakes is superior, as is clear from the comparison shown on the graph.
2. The full throttle height is also significantly lower, 18,045 feet (5,500 meters) compared with 20,177 feet (6150 meters) with exterior intakes. With regard to the service ceiling, the exterior intakes would also lead to an advantage.
3. The pressure in front of the radial cylinder block, and thus the cooling pressure drop decrease with internal air intake is corresponding to the air requirements. As is apparent from the attached plot, the cooling pressure drop increases by (Δ px) = 8 to 9% if combustion air is not drawn from the pressure chamber. This increase benefits the cylinder cooling in climb with the use of external intakes.

Wenzendorf, 15 March 1943

Level speed with combat power / n = 2400 rpm


Flugbericht FW 190/783 Nr. 2 (pdf)

Translation by Jörn Dietrich and Mike Williams

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