Short term options for a performance increase of the Fw 190 with 801 D through engine modifications based on the status of March 1944.

1.) Explanations for the chart: Altitude performance 801 D and F (page 2 and annex)
2.) Performance gains and conditions of usage for engine performance increases for various operational cases for the Fw 190
A) as fighter bomber (page 3)
B) as tactical support (page 4)
C) as fighter (page 4)
 I. boost increase
(Basis for engine data: internal operating instruction BMW JB Nr. 3064)

1.) Explanations for the chart: "Altitude performance 801 D and F".
(chart see annex)
Blue line: Normal 801 D, climb and combat power
Red dotted line: 801 D take off and emergency power.
The possible hp-gains resulting from the boost increase from 1.42 ata to 1.58 ata in first charger gear and 1.65 ata in second charger gear are the red areas.
Green dotted line: This line shows a power boost resulting from the methanol injection, which was planned previously but not realized by BMW for the 801 D.
Yellow and brown line: Climb and combat, and takeoff  and emergency power for the 801 F engine.
A comparative assessment of the plots shows that the performance gain of the 801 D through the increased boost is the most remarkable, but that the 801 F engine still has to be required with the highest level of urgency.
This is even more so, since BMW intents a power increase similar to the one on the D-engine through increased boost and methanol injection for the F-engine (letter of BMW to Focke-Wulf dated 8.2.44).

2.) Performance gains and conditions of usage for engine performance increases for various operational cases for the Fw 190
Operational case
A. Long range fighter bomber

Boost increase from 1.42 ata to 1.65 ata
Simultaneously C3-injection 65 l/min
(Usage of increased emergency power prohibited in second charger gear)

Usage: 3 x 10 min per mission with 10 min cooldown at combat power.
Performance gain: (see shaded areas in plot below)
Availability: to be installed continuously by A.A.. Parts available.
B. Tactical support
Same as longe range fighter bomber!
C. Fighter
I. Boost increase
Values not yet approved by Rechlin at the moment.
Boost increase from 1.42 to
1.58 in first charger gear
1.65 in second charger gear
No C3 injection!
At all altitudes in level flight and climbs 10 min permitted. In climbs limit use if possible.
Performance gain:
a) Speed:
b) Climb performance:
The considerable total gain (shaded area) comes from 2 factors:
a) from 2400 to 2700 revolutions
b) at 2700 increased boost with 10 min usage (not for climbs from sea level to ceiling!)
Venting tubes and blinds available from BMW from March onwards
Usage about 20 min at altitudes above 8000 m at 80 gr/s.
a) Climb gain:
b) Speed gain:
GM 1-installation possible from Fw 190 A-8 onwards. Factory supply starting April 1944, limited to Ago
Supply of GM 1 kits still open, negotiations RLM - Braunschweig
Eilsen, 15.3.1944

Motorseitige Leistungssteigerung 15.3.1944 (pdf)

Translation by Jörn Dietrich and Mike Williams

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