Oschersleben (Bode),
4.4.44 at AGO
- 1-
Subject: Inspection of the GM-1 installation in Fw 190 A-8

1) A GM-1 system in fuselage and engine of Nr. 1581 installed similar to Fw 190 V 47 was inspected by the attendees.  The requirements laid down by test center Rechlin in the memo of 16.2.1944 and the amendment of 23.2.1944 during the inspection of the prototype installation in V 47 are met. Opposed to that the pressure gauge has been omitted (protocol Nr. 4 of travel staff for desophistication of 3.4.1944).
The following points were discussed in todays inspection:
a. It will be tried to improve the accessibility of the locks in the vertical fastening strap.
b. The GM-1 line on the tank with the upper connection is not accessible. Company AGO will try to install the tank with the line installed.
At the same time the company AGO will add two removable hand sized access holes in the upper fuselage cover, starting with the next contract.
c. Insulation of the connections which are unaccessible behind frame 1, will not be insulated. In front of frame 1 all connections points are to be insulated.
d. Prior to the installation of the tank the oxygen bottles have to be removed. Starting with the new contract AGO will install the 3 oxygen bottles on the cover in the lower fuselage shell in the same was as it is done with the Ta 152.
e. The DKP 2 has to be used as the switch in the left instrument panel.
f. The continuity switch as demanded by the test center has been installed on the throttle lever using the end moment switch 19-3830 B and is alright. FW will clarify availability.
g. The enrichement help 9-0-447 as developed by BMW touches the Kommandogerät oil return line. The mount for this line has to be lenghtened by 10 mm. BMW will do this.
2. The scope of delivery Fw 190 A-8 was defined and signed on the RLM-scope of delivery sheet BNA(?) L.190.3.
Likewise, the scope of delivery sheet BNA(?) 190.2 for the Fw 190 A-9 with BMW 801 F (TH) engine in the first version, i.e. version 1, was defined and signed.
3. The still missing reference documents for the system in the Fw 190 A-8 will be available to the company AGO from 6.4.44 on in the specified version.
4. The approval and test specification for the GM-1 system in Fw 190 A-8 was discussed and signed by the attending parties.
5. Company AGO will by 8.4.44 notify about the introduction of the GM-1 system into serial production of the A-8, after the company BMW has confirmed the possible deliveries of the complete system in accordance with the above scope of delivery sheet and the announced delivery figures.
Representatives of the test center and the RLM were not present. The protocol has been dictated in the presence of the attendees.

Oschersleben(Bode), 4.4.1944
Klemm Fw/Fr


Besprechungs-Niederschrift GM-1 4.4.1944 (pdf)

Translation by Jörn Dietrich and Mike Williams

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