Flight Report
Fw 190 A-5/U-12, 0814
Nr. 1
Bad Eilsen 

Date: Fl. Nr.: Take-off: Landing: Duration: Pilot: Mondry
14.8. 3 15.40 16.30 0.50 Sander
15.8. 4 17.40 18.32 0.52 Bartsch

Engine BMW 801 D-2/25513
Actuated inner wheel doors
Armament:2 MG 17
2 MG 151 in the wing root
2 MG 151 under the wing, without ammunition
a) Standard production pitot tube
b) Long outboard pitot tube (BSK 74990)
c) Short outboard pitot tube


1.Determination of level speeds with combat power and assessement of flying qualities.
2.Ram pressure calibration over the test course with check of the pitot tube installations named under a) - c).


1.Compared to the Fw 190/813 A-5/U-12 this aircraft is 15 km/h faster, so that the speed loss caused by the installation of 4 MG 151 is only 45 km/h, compared to average values of production aircraft. The level speeds in clean condition without the wing guns could not be determined due to lack of time. Regarding the handling, as also determined with factory No. 813 and 665, there are no special characteristics.
2.For comparison this aircraft was equipped with two pitot tube installations, namely the standard production model as well as the outboard pitot tube installation according to BSK 74990 with a normal tube length and a tube shortened to 500 mm. The plot for the position errors determined over the test course, shows a shift of the ΔVa from "shows less" for the standard production tube to "shows more" for the long and short outboard pitot tube. The short outboard pitot tube therefore is, as determined on to other aircraft already, suitable, while the long one vibrates and therefore does not deliver an exact speed indication.

Langenhagen, 24.8.1943

Level speeds with combat power


Flugbericht FW 190 A-5/U-12 0814, Nr. 1 (pdf)

Translation by Jörn Dietrich

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