Flight Report
Fw 190 A-5/U-9, 812
Nr. 1
Bad Eilsen 

Date: Fl. Nr.: Take-off: Landing: Duration: Pilot:
29.7. 4 18.26 18.32 0.06 Kampmeier
12.8. 5 15.14 15.33 0.19 Mondry
13.8. 6 19.34 20.13 0.39 Bartsch
14.8. 7 16.25 17.03 0.38 Gatzemeier

Engine BMW 801 D-2/305060
Armament: 2 MG 131
2 MG 151 without ammunition
Actuated inner wheel doors
Additional latch between the barrels of the MG 131 in the panel in front of the windshield


1. Ram pressure calibration over test course.
2. Level speeds with combat power.
3. Evaluation of the outboard pitot tube


1.+2. The combat power level speeds, plotted under consideration of the ram pressure calibration, can be taken from the attached chart. As the comparison with the values documented in the flight report Fw 190/816 No. shows, the speed loss as compared to the A-5 fighter was reduced from 15 to 7-10 km/h by the improved latching of the modified panel in front of the windshield for MG 131. This speed loss is caused by the already mentioned panel and the two extra MG 151 barrels.
3. The pitot tube, with the up to now usual tube length, installed at the wing tip according to BSK 190.74990, causes strongly fluctuating speed readings in bumpy weather and with a rough engine, due to strong vibration in the long tube. The position error is, as shown on the chart, within normal boundaries. Further tests with a shortened pitot tube are currently under way.

Langenhagen, 19.8.1943

Level speeds with combat power


Flugbericht Fw190 A-5/U-9 812 Nr.1 (pdf)

Translation by Jörn Dietrich

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