Hurricane Mk II Performance

Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment
Boscombe Down

21st October 1941

Hurricanes IIB, Z.3564 and
IIA (Series 2), Z.2346.
(Merlin XX)

Performance and Handling Trials


               Although a long time has elapsed since the introduction of the Merlin XX engine into the Hurricane, and although several reports have already been issued on the results of tests made of Hurricane IIís, this report deals with the results of tests made on the aeroplane as a type and is designed to be used as a basis for comparative results either already obtained or to be obtained in the future.

At Full Throttle
Height FeetSpeed M.P.HTime to Climb MinsRate of Climb ft/min
S.L    0      
  2,000 0.7  2710
  5,000  1.8  2710
10,000294 3.7  2510
15,000303 5.9  2150
20,0003268.5  1740
25,000330 8.8  1690
30,000    309.517.0      720

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Hurricane IIA Aircraft Data Sheet
Memorandum Report PHQ-M-19-1291-A on Hurricane IIA Z-2974, Level Flight Speeds
Memorandum Report PHQ-M-19-1302 on Hurricane IIA Z-2974, Climb Data
Merlin XX Operational Limitations, 10 June 1940
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Maximum Boost Pressure on Merlin XX, 21, 22 and 23 type Engines, 21 November 1942
Merlin RM3SM. Maximum Power for Take-off, Climbing, Cruising and Combat. Static Conditions
Merlin RM3SM. Full Throttle Curves for Climbing, Cruising and Combat Conditions
Hurricane IIB, Rate of Climb & Time to Height. RAE Chart
Hurricane IIA/B, All-out and Max. Weak Mix Speed. RAE Chart
Hurricane IIC, Rate of Climb & Time to Height. RAE Chart
Hurricane IIC, T.A.S. & Rate of Climb. RAE Chart

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