Messerschmitt AG.
Quick test flight of the Me 109 G
with deepened radiator
 Test Report
109 03 L 43
 Date 25.2.43
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 Dept. Flight Testing

Reason:This test was to be conducted for comparison with the measurement of the old radiator - see test report 109 18 L 42 09/09/42.

Level runs were flown near ground level with combat power using different radiator flap settings. Coolant outlet temperature and speed were measured. For details see Test Reports 109 18 L 42 and 109 05 T 43.

Results:The deepened radiator leads to worse cooling in high speed flight than the production radiator. However, this is partly attributed to the difference, rotated - rolled. (Test Report 109 05 T 43).

The speed on sheet 2 is not converted. A speed comparison with the measurements in Test Report 109 18 L 42 is not possible since the two measurements are too far apart in time. The flatter profile of the speed is due to the larger drag of the airflow through the deepened radiator.

Influence of the radiator flap position on temperature and speed


Schnellflugmessung des vertieften Wasserkühlers Me 109 G.

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