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Performance of the Me 109 G with DB 605 AS. Test Report
109 20 L43
 Date 22.1.44
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 Dept. Flight Testing

 The preliminary reports Nr. 1 and 2 shall become void with this report and are to be destroyed.
Reason:The DB 605 is to be incorporated into Me 109 production due to good results from a test installation with the VfW. The prototype airplane was measured by the flight department in accordance with S-instruction 109/033/064.
Standard performance measurement.

Result:For comparison the corresponding performance of the Me 109 G in the same condition is shown in parentheses.
1.) Speed at sea level
                    315 mph           (314)
2.) Speed at FTH
                    406 mph           (391)
3.) Full throttle height
                    27,231 ft.     (21,654)
4.) Climb rate at FTH
                    2,350 ft/min    (2,546)
5.) Climb full throttle height
                    23,950          (18,700)
6.) Climb ceiling
                    39,698 ft.      (37,730)
The performance results are converted to standard temperature. Combat power without GM 1

Aircraft:Me 109 G 5W.Nr. 26108SL   RR
Engine:DB 605 AS-0W.Nr.00702626

Propeller:3-fl.VDM-adjustable propellerD 3,0 m
Sheet design 9-12087.31b0,7 R = 0,30bm

Condition of the
Production version, single wire antenna FuG 25 a, FuG 165 z radiator indicators, wing thermometer, tail wheel fixed.
Engine Cowling: 2 MG 131 bumps faired, left side enlarged for AS supercharger.
Weight:G = 7,033 lbs at take-off
Radiator:Typ: ALF 750 B
        F = 16,8 dm2
Oil cooler:Typ: FO 870
        F = 6,5 dm2
Date of the
Pilot:Schmidt, K., Schmid L.

Conduction of
the measurements:
Height, ram pressure, boost and supercharger pressure were constantly registered during the flight.

 1.Speed at sea level
The speed at sea level was accomplished by a timed flight (Stoppflug) over the test course (stoppstrecke) at combat power ( n = 2600 rpm, p = 1,3 ata) with radiator flaps closed (~ 40 - 50 mm opening). The result is converted to normal temperature and correct setting of the supercharger regulator.
2.Course of best climbing speed.
The specified speed of va = 162 mph was flown with the ME 109 G. The actual rate shown on page 4 is calculated using va = 162 mph.
3.Climb performance.
In order to preserve the engine, which was not yet completely run in, climbs started from approximately 19,685 ft. using combat power (n = 2600 rpm, PL = 1.3 ata).
                    Radiator flap position: l. 130 mm
                    Radiator flap position: r. 150 mm
4.High-speed flight
Level speeds were flown from ceiling to full throttle height, following the climb flights.
                    Radiator flap position: l. 60 mm
                    Radiator flap position: r. 90 mm
The performance curves are shown on page 4 .
Augsberg, den 22.1.44

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