These calculations were prepared in connection with a comparison of the P-51D and P-51H airplane. Considerable effort was expended to achieve agreement between flight test and calculated results, and the data presented represent good agreement with most of the flight test results.


Note: Performance figures are based on N.A.C.A. standard atmospheric conditions and gross weight as given in item (2) except as noted.

(1)Loading ConditionFighter
(2)Gross Weight - Take-Off9611 lb.
(3)Fuel Load180 gal.
(4)Wing Loading41.2 lb./ft.2
(5)Maximum Speed War Emergency Power
       (3000 RPM. 67" Hg. M.P.)
At Sea Level368 MPH
At Low Blower A.C.A.*414 MPH/11,300 ft.
At High Blower A.C.A.*440 MPH/24,500 ft.
(6)Maximum Speed Military Rating
       (3000 RPM 61" Hg. M.P.)
At Sea Level355 MPH
At Low Blower A.C.A.*412 MPH/13,300 ft.
At High Blower A.C.A.*435 MPH/26,200 ft.
(7)Maximum Speed Normal Power
       (3000 RPM 46" Hg. M.P.)
At Sea Level312 MPH
At Low Blower A.C.A.*380 MPH/15,200 ft.
At High Blower A.C.A.*409 MPH/28,500 ft.
(8)Maximum Rate of Climb War Emergency Power
       (3000 RPM 67" Hg. M.P.)
At Sea Level3410 ft./min.
At Low Blower A.C.A.*3510 ft./min./7500 ft.
At High Blower A.C.A.*2680 ft./min./21,200 ft.
(9)Maximum Rate of Climb Military Power
       (3000 RPM 61" Hg. M.P.)
At Sea Level3030 ft./min.
At Low Blower A.C.A.*3170 ft./min./9700 ft.
At High Blower A.C.A.*2300 ft./min./23,200 ft.
(10)Maximum Rate of Climb Normal Power
       (3000 RPM 46" Hg. M.P.)
At Sea Level1900 ft./min.
At Low Blower A.C.A.*2070 ft./min./12,300 ft.
At High Blower A.C.A.*1510 ft./min./25,100 ft.
*A.C.A. Airplane Critical Altitude
(11)Time to Climb to 20,000 ft.
At War Emergency Power  6.4 min.
At Military Power  7.0 min.
At Normal Power10.7 min.
(12)Service Ceiling
At 3000 RPM36,900 ft.
At 2700 RPM35,500 ft.
(13)Take-off Distance (No Wind)
    Ground Run1040 ft.
    Total Distance to clear a 50 ft. obstacle1720 ft.
(14)Landing Distance (No Wind)
    Based on Landing Gross Weight,
    Fighter Condition less 1/2 fuel = 9071 lb.
    Ground Run1520 ft.
    Total Distance to clear a 50 ft. obstacle2250 ft.
(15)Landing Speed110.7 MPH
(16)Stalling Speed, (at above listed Landing Gross Weight = 9071 lb.)  95.4 MPH
(17)"Yardstick" Range at 15,000 ft.
(All fuel used for cruisng at speed for maximum range)
Fighter Condition (180 gal. fuel)1108 miles
Long Range Fighter - Two 75 gal. ext. tanks**
    (265 gal. internal fuel - 150 gal. external fuel)2393 miles
**External fuel tanks dropped when empty.
P-51D Calculated Altitude Performance

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