Flight Report Fw 190/670 Fighter Bomber
Nr. 2
Werk Flughafen 

Date: Take-off: Landing: Duration Pilot: Flight Nr.:
19.1.43 1121 1222 1h  1' Märschel 25
19.1.43 1520 1533 13' Märschel 26
19.1.43 1602 1619 17' Märschel 27

Engine BMW 801 D/85289
Tight engine cowl.
Armament: 2 MG 17, MG 2 151
Fixed wheel doors
Oil cooler No. 1603.3 with armored ring mounting after HSK 1115 (slotted flaps).
ETC 501 with intermediate rack under the fuselage.
1 Ju 87 auxiliary tank rack under each wing corresponding to sketch from 20.11.42 (turtle shell fairing).

1.) Flight characteristics:
a.) With Ju 87 rack and fairing, to drawing from 20.11.42 without tanks
b.) With auxiliary tanks
2. Level speeds with combat and economical power.

1a) A retest of the flight characteristics of the fighter-bomber with the shell rack fairing showed no deterioration compared to the normal machine.
a.) With attached auxiliary tanks the same phenomena as with the fairing in accordance with KBV 22799 were experienced. The ailerons began to buffet from Va = 236 - 249 mph (380 - 400 km/h) which manifested itself as a disturbance in the control stick. Simultaneously, a shift in load about the longitudinal axis towards rolling right occurred, which increased to such an extent with a further increase in speed, that it became impossible to keep the aircraft in level flight. The operational use of the aircraft is ruled out also with this fairing.
2.) Level speeds obtained with combat and economical power (without auxiliary tanks and without bomb) are plotted on the attached graph. A comparison shows that with this fairing, the same values were reached as with the small fairing according to KBV 22799, meaning an improvement of about 25-30 km/h over the prototype item on the Fw 190/669 exists. Speeds with auxiliary tanks were not determined for the reasons mentioned under 1).

Wenzendorf, 21 January 1943

Speed performance with ETC 501 belly rack and two Ju 87 wing racks with shell fairing


Flugbericht Fw 190/670 Nr. 2 (pdf)

Translation by Jörn Dietrich and Mike Williams

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