Flight Report Fw 190/1286 A-5
Nr. 2
Bad Eilsen 

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Engine BMW 801 D 2/305475.
Close engine cowling.
Split flaps.
ETC 501 under the fuselage.
Fixed inner wheel doors.
Armament: 2 MG 151 without ammunition , MG 17 channels covered.
Loading for rearmost CG : 500 kg bomb, 160 lb. ballast in the FT area (2.95 m behind center front spar).
Full tank: G = 4430 kg , S- position = 0.776m.


Assess the general handling characteristics as well as stability and controllability about the lateral axis at a center of gravity of .77 m with 500 kg bomb and 160 kg ballast in the FT area in place of an auxiliary tank. (115 Ltr fuel or special fuel).


Take-off with this rear center of gravity, also lower position because of the bomb, can be performed without difficulty with normal rudder position. Characteristics that go beyond the ability of an average pilot do not occur. Compared to the usual center of gravity, the stabilizer was 0.5° more nose-heavy, adjusted to + 2.5° based on the geometric O position of the horizontal stabilizer.

The aircraft is unstable at all speeds with a full tank and consequently very sensitive on the lateral axis, so that it can not be flown stick free. The sensitivity to disturbances about the lateral axis decreases with decreasing ram pressure.

Trimmed for climb, horizontal stabilizer trim = 3°, the existing instability is hardly noticeable in reasonably calm weather, only relative major disturbances or larger elevator deflections cause discernable instability.

Horizontal cruising flight, trim = +2.3 °, is possible without significant difficulties at longest range speeds.

The present instability at high speeds is very objectionable, noticable above about 400 km/h; especially in turns and in pull-outs from dives. The high sensitivity of the lateral axis at small control deflections is disturbing as well.

In turning flight elevator force reversal occurs, the aircraft stalls on its own if no action is taken. Only after consumption of 200 l from the rear fuel tank, the aircraft shows neutral behavior (with auxiliary tank still full).

In summary it can be said that the examined rearward center of gravity, except while flying blind, may still be permitted if 1. Immediate consumption of the auxiliary fuel from the installed auxiliary tank is provided, if 2. in case 1) is not possible (GM 1 or methanol in the auxiliary tank), care is taken that the conditions for an undisturbed approach with 200 l of fuel consumed from the rear tank are given.

The center of gravity of 0.77 m - 0.72 m is unacceptable during enemy contact and the resulting defensive maneuvers.

Langenhagen, 8 June 1943


Flugbericht FW 190/1286 A-5 Nr. 2 (pdf)

Translation by Jörn Dietrich and Mike Williams

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