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Speed difference between
V and standard tail unit on ME 109 G
 Test Report
109 04 L 43
 Date 22.3.43
 Dept. Flight Testing

Reason:The influence that the V tail unit should have on speeds reached.
2 test flights each with V and standard tail unit at sea level, in each case with 2 different pilots.
ResultsThe test flights resulted in the values listed below in the following table:
  VersionNr.Vw mph (km/h)Δ V km/h
  V Tail Unit1321 (516)-0-
2320 (515) 
  Standard Tail Unit3318 (512)- 2.5
4319 (514) 

 H = 620, B = 706 m Hg, t = + 2°
r = 1,191 kg/m3, n = 2600 rpm, p = 1.30 ata.
All flights are converted to the values of the first flight. They are comparable only among themselves, may not thus be consulted for calculations.
AircraftMe 109 G   W.Nr. 14003     VJ + WC
Engine:DB 605 A/1   W.Nr. 76172.
Propeller:3-blade. VDM-Adjustable propeller   D = 3,0m; Sheet design 9-12087.10.
Condition of the
During flights 1 and 2 V tail unit (A.Z.17922), flights 3 and 4 with standard tail unit. Radiator flaps closed during all 4 flights.
Wing thermometer. Radiator, 85 90°C.
Paint: Standard production paint.
Antenna: Only mast.
Chassis, tailwheel: Chassis on, tailwheel out.
Oil cooler flaps: Thermoelectric controlled.
Geschwindigkeitsunterschied zwischen V- und Normalleitwerk an Me 109 G

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