Messerschmitt AG.
Speed influence of 2 MK 108
under the wings of the ME 109 G.
 Test Report
109 14 L 43
 Date 12.8.43
 Dept. Flight Testing

Reason:In the course of further development on the Me 109 G, flight tests with MK 108 mockups were to be carried out in accordance with instructions from Prof. Messerschmitt.
One test flight each, with and without mockups, was conducted. The values are not converted, since the two short flights took place consecutively and a change of the air state did not take place during the short time dismantling the mockups.

Results:Speed without mockupVw = 326 mph   (525 km/h)
 Speed with mockupVw = 322 mpg   (519 km/h)
 Speed loss due to mockups ΔV = 4 mph   (6 km/h)
 n = 2600 U/min; p – 1,30 ata; B = 717 mm Hg;
 t = 19°C; H = 480 m.

Aircraft:Me 109 G           Wk.Nr. 15562     Kennz.: CN + WF
Engine: DB 605 A/1        W.Nr. 37648
Propeller:3-blade. VDM Adjustable D = 3,0 m
Blattbaumuster 9 – 12159 A
Satz-Nr. 3 buf 75
Condition of
the Machine:
Standard production version ME 109 G with GM 1-equipment. Surface specially treated, yet somewhat smoother than Test Report 109 11 L42 shows achieved. Radiators closed; radiator indicator staffs; wing thermometer; Chassis; tail wheel out. Mockups for MK 108 from wood. Implementation and mounting see photo. 2 ETC 50 one behind the other beneath under the fuselage.
Process of
Two test flights at combat power n = 2600 RPM, p = 1.30 ata at ground level. Air pressure was measured by altitude recorder on board the machine, temperature at ground.
               1.   Flight:   with MK 108 mockup.
               2.   Flight:   without MK 108 mockup.
    Messerschmitt AG. Flugerprobung.     Gruppe:  Leistungen       Bearbeiter:   Reichel

Sea level speed = 316 mph (509 km/h) after corrections. (Zusammenstellung aller Leistungsmessungen umgerechnet auf Grundausführung, 14.1.44).
Geschwindigkeitseinfluß von 2 MK 108 unter den Flächen der Me 109 G.

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